...celebrating over two centuries of its remarkable contributions...
Right after WWII, members of the Occupation Armies issued strong anti-fraternization requirements among the occupation communities. American dependent communities became self-contained “Little Americas” complete with shopping centers, chapels and schools. Photo circa 1948, from Silver School Bells, USDESEA 1946-1971.
Oct 1959 - The Oktoberfest.  The little cherub sitting on a pot is pointing his arrow at the rest rooms ("OO").  The sign under the arrow can be translated as "There's where you can if you must."  The church in the background was the scene of a tragic accident a year later (December 1960) when a U.S. Air Force airplane carrying Munich Branch students home to England for the Christmas holidays hit the steeple and crashed into a loaded streetcar of holiday shoppers.  All on board as well as about 30 people on the ground were killed.
Nov 1959 - On one of the many tours.  This is a restaurant in Vienna.  Left side of picture: Doctor Whalen, Kent Price, Pat Fitsgerald, ??.  Right side: Matthias Buettner (tour director), Mrs. Whalen. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Oct 1959 - Carmen Meacham, Kent Price, Toni Herbes, Bob Hill, Lee McAfferty Picture taken by Bret Pechuls Photo: courtesy Kent Price, Air Force Brat

Fall 1959 - At the Hofbräuhaus.  I think I was the only non-drinker in the group.  I ordered Apfelsaft instead of beer and they had to bring it up from the floor below in a different mug :)  -Kent Price, AF Brat
Jan 1960 – University of Maryland, Munich Campus ski club trip.  This one to Kaprun.  Getting ready to board the bus for the trip back to Munich. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Oktoberfest 1959 - Toni Herbes and Bob Hill enjoy a "bier". Photo: Kent Price, AF Brat.
Spring 1960 - Boarding a boat for a tour on the Starnbergersee. Photo: Kent Price
Gene tries his hands at eating with chopsticks in one of the floating restaurants in Kowloon circa 1950's
"My mother and me in Hong Kong with Communist China in the background." Photo: Eugene Moser, Jr. Operation Footlocker archives
MAMF Director, Circe Olson Woessner, always at home in a crowd sits with German kids, circa 1967. Photo: Allen D. Olson.
Kimball Meddars shares this photo."Mom in a German hayfield near Kitzingen 1957." Photo: Kim Meddars, Navy Veteran and USDESEA brat.
Barbara Buchanan Medders holds daughter Els in her first German apartment in Kitzingen about 1957. Kim Meddars remembers, “We lived here above a really nice German family for about 6 months until we could move into base housing. Things were a bit primitive. Our only source of hot water was the wood stove behind mom who has her ‘what an adventure!’ look on her face. Barbara agrees, “ It was a difficult situation but we made it fun. We remembered it as a great experience, our first in Germany.”
In 1963 The Medders family stopped in Cairo enroute to their new home in Asmara, Ethiopia. From L-R Eric, Kimball, Els, an Egyptian guide, and Barbara. Photo: Kim Medders, Overseas Brat, US Navy.
The Medders family visited Cairo enroute to the new home in Ethiopia. Kim Medders remembers this event well:" Rare picture with the whole family.Must have been a real leap of faith for dad to trust the Egyptian with his camera. I remember thinking this was the coolest thing I'd ever done." (1963)
The Medders family rented a fishing boat with a group of teachers & spent a week fishing & exploring the Red Sea. Barbara Medders & her colleague  & Els and Kim are in these photos. "Mrs Marshall was a good camp cook. The southern fried fish she made was great. The can in front was our water supply.
The Red Sea adventure. The crew would stop at these little islands where they caught and roasted wild goats. We landed with them to swim & frolic on the beach. That's our boat in the distance & me snorkling. Photo: Kim Medders, circa 1964
The Olson's VW Bug parked by the side of the road in an Alpine pass. Photo circa 1968
Mary Klinker and friends pose for a photo. Pictured: Donna Shirk Knecht from Operation Footlocker archives. Circa 1960
Army Brat Erik Woessner poses in front of a 15th century building in France, circa 1990
Livorno American High School (Italy) cheerleaders practice in front of the Leaning Tower in Pisa. Photo circa 1966 from Silver School Bells, USDESEA 1946-1971.
American boys interact with Moroccan Nationals. Photo circa 1968 from Silver School Bells, USDESEA 1946-1971.
Heidelberg University was founded in 1386 & is the oldest university in Germany. At one point, it had its own legal jurisdiction and could incarcerate its own students. Although the walls were whitewashed periodically, this 19th century graffiti remains. Photo: Kim Meddars circa 1960's
Circe Olson and her German governess, Frau Elly Menzel in Rome, Italy in 1971.
DOD Brat Circe Olson sitting in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, circa 1971.
Kimball Medders &his father, Jimmie, with one of the teachers from Joshua Barney School in Beaulieu Sur Mer, France. "He invited me to come with him on a conference in Italy. I felt really grown up & everyone treated me like one. Here we have stopped for a picnic  on a bench." Photo: Kim Medders
Circe Olson shows off to her mother, Joan Olson and friend John Davis  on the balcony of his apartment jutting out over the Bay of Naples, Italy. (photo circa 1970)
Salt Mines Tour near Berchtesgaden circa 1967. Photo Courtesy Kimball Medders: "The little train ride and the giant slide down were almost as good as a Disneyland ride. Me, my mom, brother and sister are sitting on the end of the second car.
American school children on a field trip somewhere in Germany, circa 1971.
Photo from Silver School Bells, USDESEA 1946-1971.
An American girl and a Turkish boy perform in a intercultural education activity in Turkey. Photo circa 1970, from Silver School Bells, USDESEA 1946-1971.
The annual carnival that came to Karlsruhe (Germany) 1979-photo by Edda Fretz
University of Maryland, Munich Campus students Tracy, Rob and Circe in Egypt in 1980. UMMC offered students excellent opportunities to study and travel all over Europe and the Middle East. Photo:Circe Woessner
University of Maryland, Munich Campus students on a geology tour in Morocco. This photo was taken in 1978 in Marrakesh. Photo: John Tietjen, UMMC alum.
Pretzels, kugelhof and other treats are for sale in the open air markets of Germany and France.
American military families living overseas often form friendships with the locals. Sometimes GIs marry local girls & stay in their host nation & straddle two cultures. 1LT William Woessner & son Iain enjoy dinner with Cal Harris, his wife Dorothee & her "Oma" (grandmother).Bad Hersfeld, Germany 1988
El Yunque rain forest, Puerto Rico. Joan Olson and her two grandchildren Erik and Iain pose by the falls. Photo courtesy Allen D. Olson (1998)
Eagle River, AK 2000:  An Alaska tour must, go to the first day of the Iditarod! Photo by Jennifer Barnes, AF Wife.
Okinawa Japan, summer 2007: TSgt Adam Barnes and boys Aaron and Jared under the keystone arch entryway to the 15th century Zakimi Castle Ruins.Photo: Jennifer Barnes, AF wife
Three year old Iain Woessner sits in front of wine barrels  on the "Weinstrasse in Germany circa 1993.
"Letting our children dress like the local children seems like a good idea at the time." Kadena AB, Okinawa 2007. Photo: Jennifer Barnes.
TSgts Adam Barnes and Scott Mullins in Chaing Mai, Thailand October 2006. Photo: Jennifer Barnes.
Kim, Els, Eric anf Barabara Medders on vacation in Monaco  citrus fruit celebration circa 1966. Kim remembers that "Monaco was just down the road from where we lived in France."
FUJISAWA, Japan (Oct. 30, 2011) Lt. j.g. Geordie Kelly, fleet bandmaster of the U.S. 7th Fleet Band, helps a child from the audience conduct the band during the Shonandai Festival held annually at Shonandai park in Fujisawa, Japan. (U.S. Navy photo by Musician 3rd Class Gabriel Brown/Released)
1LT Bill Armstrong in miniature city of Maduodam, Holland, 1987
Erik Woessner poses with German National Elli Menze in 1991. "Frau" Menzel was Erik's mother's nanny from 1967-1977, while she was growing up in Germany. Photo: Circe Woessnerl
A monument on Tinian, circa 1944. Photo taken by Seabee John F. Givens. Photo courtesy Ed Whittwer.
Two American Seabees ride like the locals do on either Saipan or Tinian circa 1944. Photo by John Givens, and courtesy his stepson, Ed Whittwer.
Rome or Pompeii, Italy, 1968
The Whitsell family in Korea, 2012
Rex George bundles up during the winter of 1944 in Seething, England, where he was stationed with the 448th Bomber Group. (Photo CG Thompson.)
20th Century Air was a charter line to shuttle dependents from the US to Europe from the mid 1940's to the mid 1960's. Photo: K Medders
Army dependent daughter Patty at Heidelberg Castle circa1986.
DOD brat, Circe Olson on a camel in Turkey circa 1975. She didn't want to take any chances with the camel running off, so she took the camel driver's son along.
Eagle's Nest, Germany circa 1965
American teacher, Joan Olson picnics with her family alongside a French family. Dreux, France circa 1963.
  POMP& CEREMONY              U OF M,MUNICH                          BRAT LIFE  
Invitation to the Field Artillery Ball.
2LT  William Woessner marches in a German-American Partnerschaft (partnership) parade in Fulda, Germany. 2LT Woessner was with the 3/11th ACR, and as part of the "Cav" wore spurs and tucked his greens into his boots as per custom. (1988)
1LT William S. Woessner and wife, Circe, pose before going into their first Army ball at Redstone Arsenal. 1989. Little did they know--LTs were only invited to clean up after the ball!. We were too poor (or cheap) to buy new rank--so we used white out on the bars.
Army CPT Bill Armstrong and wife, Patrice,at the German-American Friendship Society's "welcome home" dinner in Frankfurt, Germany, June 1991. The event was for troops returning from Desert Storm.
A New Mexico drill team performs in Albuquerque NM (2011)
Kirtland Air Force Base hosted the Army birthday ball in 2003. There was much more drinking than dancing, the "grog" bowl being very popular as the Air Force hosts attempted to keep up with their Army guests.
MAJ and Mrs Woessner at the Kirtland Air Force Base Army Birthday Ball. June 14, 2003.
377th Air Wing Annual Awards at Kirtland AFB, NM. 377th Wing Commander Col Michael Duvall and his wife, Lori Jo, with 377th CPTS Squadron Commander Major Justin "Judd" Kraft and his wife, Karen. (February 2010) Photo: Jennifer Barnes.
377th Air Wing Annual Awards at Kirtland AFB, NM. SMSgt Mike Payne and his wife Julie pose with the 8th Chief Master Sergent  of the Air Force, CMSgt (ret) Sam E. Parish. (February 2010) Photo: Jennifer Barnes.
Sanya and Erik Maddox. Photo: Sanya Maddox circa 2011
UMMC students dressed in costumes for Fasching pose in front of Munich's famous Hofbrau Haus. (1977). Photo courtesy Corinne Weidenthal, UMMC Alum.
UMMC Student, Steve Larson moving into his dorm, Parr Hall, in the fall of 1978. Photo courtesy of Steve Larson.
University of Maryland  (Munich, Germany)students, Rick Caffrey and Rochelle Walker on McGraw Kaserne. 1979.Photo: Rick Caffrey
U of M students ham it up, photo 1979. Photo: Rick Caffrey
A group of students pose in their dorm room. Circa December 1979. Photo: Patti Wiltsie.
U of M students studying in their dorm living room circa December 1979. Notice the beer coasters as wall paper! Photo: Patti Wiltsie
Circe Olson, Patti Trainer, Gerry Gannon, and Fran Gardner in their U of M dorm room, circa 1979. Photo courtesy Patti Wiltsie.
University of Maryland students enjoying a dinner in their dorm-
1980 photo by Edda Fretz
University of Maryland students perform in a talent show in the "Keller" 1980 Photo by Edda Fretz
A young UMMC Student and her friend enjoying herself at the Hofbrau Haus in Munich circa 1975. Photo: Debbie Dyke
    MILITARY HOUSING          POSTS OF THE PAST               POSTS/BASES                       HISTORIC/MUSEUM SITES
 HEIRLOOMS & COLLECTIBLES                       SHOPPING                      
Cannons at Ft. Riley, Kansas, museum
RAF Wethersfield. . All the US Air Bases in England were called "RAF"--Royal Air Force Bases are called "Royal Air Force Base".
The infantry barracks on Ft. Sill . Built in 1870. No longer used to house soldiers, they are part of the museum complex on Ft. Sill.(OK) Photo: 2011
Officer's housing on Ft. Sill (OK). Even though this house is in the historic post, it still is lived in today (2011)
Ft Sill Chapel. Still in use since the mid 1800's. Photo: 2011
The old jail at Ft. Sill, OK. It was built in the  late 1800s and was used until 1910. Photo: 2011
Sign about the Ft. Sill jail. Photo: 2011
Old NCO quarters on Ft. Sill. They are part of the museum complex. Photo:2011
One of the original buildings situated around the parade grounds at the original Ft. Sill site. The museum staff administration offices are housed inside. Photo 2011
Parade Ground in the Ft. Sill historical complex. Ft. Sill Army Post. Photo 2011
Ft. Laramie National HIstoric Site. (WY) Ruins of the Fort keep watch over the bluffs. Ft. Laramie dates from 1834-1977.
Ft. Laramie, WY. Bachelor Officer's Quarters
Ft Laramie(WY) National Historic Site.Photo 2010
Ft Laramie National Historic Site (WY) Photo 2010
Ft. Laramie, National HIstoric Site. (WY) Barracks Photo 2010
Suttler's Store, LTC Quarters (Burt House) Ft. Laramie, WY. Photo: 2010
Historic Ft. Laramie-Officers Quarters. (Circa 1834-1977) WY
Photo: 2010
Fort Riley is named for MG Bennet C. Riley, a career Army infantry officer who led the first military escort down the Santa Fe Trail in 1829. Riley died in 1853 and is buried in Buffalo, NY. This is the only remaining set of officers quarters from the fort's construction in the mid 1850s. (2009)
Ft. Riley, KS. (2009)
Ft. Riley, KS (2009)
Statue dedicated to Cavalry horses. Ft. Riley, KS. (2009)
Headquarters Building 3/11ACR, McPheeter's Kaserne, Bad Hersfeld, Germany.
Bad Hersfeld Elementary School, Germany.
Howitzer Battery (How Battery), McPheeter's Kaserne, Bad Hersfeld, Germany. Provided artillery support to the 3/11 ACR. (Photo circa 1988)
Front Gate to Smiley Barracks, Karlsruhe, Germany circa 1975. Photo: Kimball Medders, US Navy, Overseas Brat.
Wehrmacht statue outside of the front gate to Smiley Barracks, Karlsruhe Germany. Photo: Kimball Medders, US Navy, Overseas Brat
Kirtland AFB Mobile Home Park, date unknown. Photo: Kirtland Air Force Base Historian
Historic housing at Pearl Harbor, HI. Photo 2011
Nov 1959 - Palace guard shelter on the Vienna trip.  Meanwhile, back in the states, college students were seeing how many people could fit in a phone booth. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Kent Price says, "Nov 1959 - another view of our answer to the stateside craze of stuffing phone booths."
Oct 1959 - Carmen Meacham, Kent Price. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
circa Feb 1959 - Bob Becker and Kent Price on the Zugspitz.  Behind them is about a 2500 foot drop almost straight down into Austria. Photo: Kent Price, AF Brat
Jan 1960 - Members of the Munich Branch ski club taking a break on the slopes of Kaprun. Photo: Kent Price, AF Brat.
Nov 1959 - Garmisch.  One of the first ski trips of the season.  Ready to board the Zugspitzbahn for the day.  Jud Heriot, Bret Pechuls, Geri Park, Guy DeCarlo, Bob Becker, George Park, Owen Chambers, Kent Price, Pam Chandler, Kenny Baker, ?? , Christa Keas. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
A British Bobby escorts American children to Princess Gate Elementary School in London circa 1957. From the book, Silver School Bells, published around 1972, commemorating 25 years of USDESEA history.
Oct 1959 - Lee McAferty, Bret Pechuls, Carmen Meacham and Kent Price (partial) at the Oktoberfest Photo, Kent Price, AF Brat
Oct 1959 - On the trolley on the way home from the Oktoberfest.  This is the picture that appears on the covers of the "Bavarian Creme" and the "Noch Eins" books by Circe Olson Woessner, photo:Kent Price
Our first VW. Dad bought this used in 1958 in Kitzigen when I was 3 years old. The thing between the door window & the first window was the turn signal! It was a little arm that flipped up. I was very impressed with it. We had to add regular turn signals when we brought it back from Germany.  Dad would turn the back seats around so they faced each other & we kids (before seatbelt laws) would play, sleep & bounce around. VW's had their problems, but they always started even on the coldest mornings. We bought it when it was only six months old, so it was like a new car but unlined inside. We camped all over Europe in it. All 4 of us slept in it.  It was cold inside because of no lining.
Photo courtesy Kimball Medders, Overseas Brat, US Navy. Kim preparing to do battle with the Paul Revere Village neighborhood kids in Karlsruhe, 1960.
Story time just before bed was a tradition in the Armstrong home on Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, in 1964. Photo courtesy William Armstrong
Kimball Medders in France, circa mid 1960s. His sister Els is standing by the fountain. Says Kim, "If you look closely, I am wearing my dependent dog tag." Photo: Kim Medders, Overseas Brat, US Navy.
New Year’s on Long Beach (Philippine Islands) circa 1960s. Photo: Mary Klinker. Operation Footlocker archives
This is my brother Francis and me circa1964 in Okinawa, where my Dad was stationed in the Signal Corps at the telephone exchange in Machinato, My parents had the uniforms custom made. My Dad was in the Army for 30 years & retired in 1982. He did one tour in Vietnam in 1970. My brother did NROTC in college, was accepted to the Coast Guard Academy, and served in the Air Force for 25 years. He retired in 2010, after two tours in Afghanistan. I worked as a civilian for the Navy for 13 years. Seems life in the Army wasn't in the cards. Photo: Conrad Jiao
Jeffery Ladmirault poses in his Navy JROTC uniform in front of his Kirtland Air Force Base home in 1972. Photo: Jeff Ladmirault
Kevin and Jeffery Ladmirault pose in their latest fashions circa Easter  1972
Joan Olson, daughter Circe, and her American friend, Rhonda, enjoy lunch at an outdoor cafe in Strasbourg, France. It was common for the Olsons to drive from their house in Germany to have a meal in France and drive back home again. (circa 1970) Photo courtesy Allen Dale Olson
Doug Sieg, class of '75 rides at the airfield in Karlsruhe, Germany, circa 1974. Photo: Harald Miller
Harald Miller, class of '75 and Billy Houston, class of '77 in Karlsruhe, Germany, 1974. Photo: Harald Miller
Karlsruhe High School students pose at the Scout Hut. Jean Wilberg class of '78, Gino Rucker, Caroline Hodgson, and Harald Miller '75 Photo: Harald Miller.
Karlsruhe American High School students at the "Schloss" (castle/palace). It was a popular place to go wander the gardens, the playgrounds, the ponds. Photo: Harald Miller, circa 1974
Photo: Harald Miller
Karlsruhe American High School Students Elton Winemiller '76, Chuck Pritchard '74,JD Bowman '75, Billy Houston '77, Gary Pritchard '76 at the Schlosspark. Photo: Harald Miller.
Jean Wilberg, Karlsruhe American High School class of '78. Photo, Harald Miller.
Karlsruhe High School students JD Bowman and George Bowman. Photo: Harald Miller.
Karlsruhe student Karl Hydrick '79
Photo: Harald Miller
Karlsruhe students Paul Carosiello '74 and Randy Houston'74
Photo: Harald Miller
Karlsruhe class of '75 students ham it up. Harald Miller, Joannie Blum, Debbie Huff, Isabella Vargas, Tony Rice.1974. Photo Harald Miller.
KAHS (Karlsruhe) Students sit in front of the high school. Paul Revere Village enlisted housing in the background. Circe 1973. Photo: Harald Miller
 James Golden, Eva Moreno and Steve Hall at a teen dance in Karlsruhe, Germany, 1974. Photo: Harald Miller
Isabel Woods'75 in front of Paul Revere Village Housing, Karlsruhe, Germany, circa 1974. Photo: Harald Miller
Karlsruhe American High School (Germany) Senior ski trip to Austria.1978 Photo courtesy Patrick Danser, Brat, Navy and Marine Veteran
Karlsruhe High School Sophomore Alison Manges on the ski trip to Austria-1978
Photo Courtesy of Patrick Danser, Brat, Navy and Marine Veteran
Karlsruhe High School junior, Tony Whalen  boogies at a ski trip disco-1978
Photo courtesy Patrick Danser
Karlsruhe students departing the tour bus on their ski trip to Austria in 1978. Photo courtesy of Patrick Danser
Karlsruhe students enjoying local brew-Austria ski trip, 1978
Photo: Patrick Danser
Karlsruhe High School junior, Jerry Reeve hams it up; his friends are less impressed. (Paula Schwarz, sleeping.) photo: Patrick Danser
Greg Drahms (class of '79) and Ron Kelley of Wurzburg High School (Germany) in Bad Kissingen.(Bad K) Photo: Ramiro Ramirez, Jr. Courtesy Operation Footlocker.
Army wife Circe Woessner and her son, Erik pose with a Howitzer at OP Romeo, near Herleshausen , overlooking the Eisenach-Bad Hersfeld autobahn, an east-west checkpoint. Photo: Circe Olson Woessner, circa 1988.
US Visitor Karen Miller poses next to the OP Romeo sign--home to the 3/11 ACR. Each Battery rotated in and out of OPs Alpha, India and Romeo in 30 day increments.
Brig Gen Charles Perez, 377 ABW/CC, visits Kirtland AFB child care center, ca. 1994-95. Photo courtesy Kirtland Air Force Base Historian
Erik Woessner in his room at Navy base at Indian Head, Maryland. It was nice for him to have his own space--until the grey lead-based paint started peeling off the floor--the housing officer told us "to put a rug over it, and don't lick the floor." Gotta love the Navy and their boat paint!
Iain Woessner tries out his new bunk bed in base housing on Indian Head, MD. The officer's housing was historic, Victorian and very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Photo circa 1999
Brats whose parents are in the "bomb business" (EOD) love all things that go BOOM! Here Erik and Iain Woessner pose at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ circa 1999. Photo: Circe Woessner.
Kirtland AFB children pose for a cast photo as they wrap up after a week-long theater workshop with the traveling Missoula Children's Theater on Base. Photo circa 2004.
Aaron, age 5, ready to fly with his dad. Elmendorf AFB, (AK)1999. Photo: Jennifer Barnes
Military kids often like to dress like their parents. Army brat Erik Woessner poses in 1990 in Germany.
Elmendorf AFB, AK June 2002:  As every Air Force child knows, the coolest part of an air show is "flying" an F-16! Photo: Jennifer Barnes
Iain Woessner performs in a Missoula Children's Theater production of "Jack and the Beanstalk." The Montana based theater company tours around to various military installations and provides free week-long theater workshops for military dependent children. (circa 2003)
Members of Albuquerque's "Zoo to You" bring their animals to military children on Kirtland AFB during the summer of 2004. Photo: Circe Woessner
Air Force dependents enjoy the Albuquerque, NM, "Zoo to You" program in the summer of 2004.
Children draw chalk pictures along Stockton Loop (KAFB, NM) in the summer of 2001
Iain Woessner takes the "pepsi Challenge at Kirtland AFB (NM) Open House. Photo circa 2002.
Eglin AFB, FL summer 2005:  When the family is preparing to move to the tropical island of Okinawa, getting scuba certified was for everyone! Photo: Jennifer Barnes
Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Spring 2006: Kadena Youth Sports ran the Air Force's only intramural football program for children, all teams were composed of joint forces brats. Photo: Jennifer Barnes
Elizabeth Woessner poses with her brother MAJ William Woessner in front of the 21st EOD Detachment he commands. Kirtland AFB, NM circa 2003.
Children living on Stockton Loop in Kirtland AFB (NM) officer's housing throw water balloons at each other at the neighborhood 4th of July cookout. Photo Circa 2001.
Iain Woessner walks his dog, Mack, on Kirtland Air Force Base, NM circa 2002. Behind him is the military flight line. The noise when they were flying was unbelievably loud, and when the wind was right, the smell of fuel would permeate the housing area.
Members of the New Mexico Civil Air Patrol (CAP) practice their D&C (drill and ceremony). (2009)
Active duty military, their wives, and children have dinner at Hooters in Albuquerque, NM. Circa 2004
CAMP GORSUCH, Alaska.Tenderfoot Trentin Wermers, 12, of JBER Troop 190, holds a rappeling line for a fellow scout at Camp Gorsuch Boy Scout camp where Boy Scout troops 109 and 504 from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson were camping for the week and performing tasks to earn scouting badges, Thursday, June 23, 2011. (U.S. Air Force photo by Justin Connaher/JBER PA)
CAMP GORSUCH, Alaska. Eagle Scout Alex Flores, 16, with JBER Troop 504, rappels down a cliff face at Camp Gorsuch Boy Scout camp where Boy Scout troops 109 and 504 from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson were camping for the week and performing tasks to earn scouting badges, Thursday, June 23, 2011. (U.S. Air Force photo by Justin Connaher/JBER PA)
Blue Star Mother, Gloria Sampson-Chavez and her granddaughter Savannah enjoy a moment talking with Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schulz during the “Tunnels to Towers” 5 K run starts in Albuquerque, NM. (Photo: Circe Woessner)
First Lady Michelle Obama  greets Kirtland Air Force Base Airmen and their family members on a one-day visit to Albuquerque on May 3, 2012. Photo: Todd Berenger (KAFB Official photo)
 Erik Maddox and his daughter. Photo: Sanya Maddox circa 2011
 Erik Maddox enjoys a laugh with his daughter. Photo: Sanya Maddox 2012
The top picture is my father who served in World War II (deceased), the one below in the middle is my brother Jesse (in Korea and Germany during the Vietnam War) (deceased), the other ones are my brothers Ernie and Pete (Air Force served in the early 60's), the Marine is brother Ray (who was KIA in Vietnam) and the other Army guy is me (also served during the Vietnam War in the States.)  Photo: Mike and Martha Griego
LT Julio M Carattini, II, Julio Carattini, III and LT Angel Roberto Ortiz. Camp Salinas, PR, prior to 65th INfantry deployment to Korea. Circa 1950. Photo: Julio Carattini, III
SMsgt James Crouch and his wife SSgt Susie Crouch at a dining in. 1992.
John Crites, Electronics Technician Third Class, USN, Ron Crites, and Tim Dickey, PFC, USMC.  A swabby & a jarhead  on Christmas leave, '68, attend a high school dance with brother Ron. They were "jailed" for violating the "rules" of the dance. Photo: J. Crites
Carol Fife, Ft McLellan, AL, 1963. She later married Army Officer, Don Norton.
Basic Training graduation photo of Jessica Norton. Father, Donald Norton (USA Maj ret) and mother, Carol Norton. Photo: 1999
PFC Erik Woessner, third generation of Army Soldiers calls his mother right after his Basic Training graduation. Photo: Circe Olson Woessner (2008)
Katherine Bass enlists into the US Air Force. Proud parents, Elizabeth Benson and Maj(ret) James Benson share her exciting and happy moment. (May 2010) Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Benson, Air Force wife, Marine and Air Force Mom.
Airman Katherine Bass graduates Air Force Basic Training Proud parents, Elizabeth Benson and Maj(ret) James Benson proudly stand beside their daughter. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Benson, Air Force wife, Marine and Air Force Mom.
A happy Air Force family. Photo: Liz Benson 2011
Charles A. Dean's commissioning papers as a surgeon. Dean was assigned to the 18th Regiment of the Infantry Corps de Affrique, in Louisiana. Property of Steve Keller, AF Brat.
Detail of Charles A. Dean's commissioning papers. Property of Steve Keller, AF Brat.
Civil War Sword (hilt detail) belonging to Charles A. Dean. His family says that Dean commanded a troop of Black soldiers out of Louisiana circa 1864, and was purchased by Dean as swords were not issued to officers. Sword property of Steve Keller, AF Brat.
National Guard discharge papers for Arnold D. Olson, Father to Dr. Allen Dale (Ole) Olson. Photo: Circe Olson Woessner
Wooden Plaque from Bad Kreutznach, Germany, 1980
Black Forest plate
Beer mugs from various 3/11 ACR "Dinings In" from 1988-1990. 3/11 ACR was located in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. Photo courtesy LTC (ret) William S. Woessner.
Beer Coasters-This one was 1978 (New Year's Eve) and signed by students out partying at (possibly) the APPLE 5 disco in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Popular collector's item for those stationed in Germany. Each Christmas plate was issued annually.
Invitation to a fundraiser featuring General David D. Eisenhower, 1965.
Photo: Allen Olson (2011)
Julie Payne, wife of SMSgt Michael Payne (AD USAF) submitted some of her father's discharge papers from his Navy Service in WWII. (2011)
Julie Payne, wife of SMSgt Michael Payne (AD USAF) submitted some of her father's (Kevin Patrick Barry) discharge papers from his Navy Service in WWII. (2011)
This is a separation letter Kevin Patrick Barry received from Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal. Letter courtesy of Seaman First Class Barry's daughter, Julie Payne, wife of SMSgt Michael Payne. (2011)
While not exactly an heirloom, Ed Wittwer, an Air Force Veteran, has kept this all these years. This travel claim was for reimbursement for this dad's travel from a remote farm in NE. The VA only paid part, saying that public transport should have been used. In 1940 bus service wasn't an option!
Ed Wittwer served in WWI and suffered mustard gas poisoning. Upon his discharge from the Army, he applied for VA benefits. The VA would reimburse travel claims to appointments. Because he lived on a remote farm in NE, he claimed his gas, oil and mileage. This letter from the VA accompanied the claim
1940 official government envelope stamped “Official Business Penalty for Private Use $300”. In 2011, the fine remains $300—one of the few rates that haven’t changed over the years. Photo courtesy Ed Wittwer.
A small notebook, possibly belonging to a Private Bernard Doyle, circa 1943. In it are written English words, their French translation and pronunciation. From a collection of the New Mexico Museum of Military History.
Commemorative coin. Photo: SPC Erik Woessner, 2011
Many a little girl collected costume dolls from around the world. This collection is in the American Overseas Schools Historical Society archives in Wichita, KS
This newspaper in both English and Vietnamese was published for Vietnamese war refugees living in tent cities on Eglin AFB, FL. The Vietnamese lived on Eglin until they found a sponsor in the United States. Photo: EM Morgan; paper from 1975.
These coins are commemorate Overseas Brats--children who grew up abroad.  The organization Overseas Brats, based in Wichita, KS produces them.Photo: Joe Condrill

UMMC was a magical place created under unique circumstances. Everyone affiliated with UMMC can't help but to have come away from the experience uniquely tied to a special group unlike any other. 
Circe Olson Woessner, Bavarian Creme: Memories of Munich Campus
Many Americans stationed in Germany remember the open air markets. Photo: Circe Olson Woessner 1989.
Another fond memory for Americans who have been stationed in Germany is the Kristkindl (literally Christ Child) markets. Internet photo from an unknown source.
Reproduction of the "Sutler" store at historic Ft Larned, KS. This was where the families stationed in Ft. Larned would have shopped circa 1870. Photo: Circe Woessner (2012)
Erik Woessner in his AAFES uniform. (Kirtland AFB, NM) 2002
Erik Woessner ready to report for duty at the Kirtand AFB (NM) Exchange. The BX in an effort to be frugal, gave Erik Jonathan's old badge.
The Shopette was like the 7-11--more expensive than the Commissary, but less expensive than on the Economy. Shopette:Barksdale AFB, LA
Barksdale Commissary, 2011
Commando's outside of Ft. Benning, GA. They boast a simple mission: To Serve Soldiers. Commandos has been in Columbus, GA for 50 years.
Flags for sale in St. Augustine, FL. Photo: 2011
Stars and Stripes Bookstore in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. Because there were no other stores selling English-language books nearby, the Stripes did a brisk business. Photo circa 1988.
Commissary, McPheeter's Barracks, Germany. The tiny commissary was the only lifeline to American goods for the US troops and their families stationed at the "furthest outpost of our Armed Forces in Germany within a few kilometers of the border of our Free World." (circa 1989)
Commissary store in Paul Revere Village, Karlsruhe, Germany circa 1994. Photo: Chris Brace
Interior of the commissary in Karlsruhe, Germany circa 1994. Photo: Chris Brace
McDonald Menu in German.
One of the many stores on the "Economy" Americans in Karlsruhe frequented. This is the "Pfankuh" circa 1994.
The PX (Post Exchange) at Ft. Bliss, TX. The complex looks like a very modern shopping mall. August 2012
The inside of the Post Exchange food court at Ft. Bliss, TX, circa 2012.
Children play in the water park in front of the Ft. Bliss, TX PX. August 2012
AAFES gas station in Karlsruhe Germany, circa late 1970's, early 1980's.
Ft Riley Kansas Post Exchange Food Court, in 2012
Military Housing near Mc Pheeter's Kaserne, Bad Hersfeld, Germany. The light colored building housed mostly company grade officers. Each apartment had three bedrooms and one bathroom. On the top floor there were temporary apartments for NCOs. Circa 1988.
"The Glass Palace" in Bad Hersefld, Germany housed company and field grade officers. Photo circa 1988.
Child's bedroom in the on-post apartments. Antique German furniture and hand painted military trunks add unique touches to the room. Photo: Circe Woessner, 1988.
Soldiers and their families still live in the houses in the historic housing area on Ft Sill. Photo: Circe Woessner
Older housing units on Ft. Sill (OK) Army post. Photo: 2011
Officer's Quarters on Ft. Sill. This house is in the historic part of the post. Notice the buttressing. (Ft. Sill Oklahoma, 2011)
Military housing on Ft. Sill, OK 2011
Historic marker in front of the Commanding General's house in Ft. Sill. 2011
Sherman House, where the Ft. Sill Commanding General resides. This house is part of the historical complex on Ft. Sill. Photo: 2011
Gate to the historic housing area. Housing units on Barksdale (LA) were built in 1932 and 1957. Many of them are on the National Historic Register. Photo:2011
Barksdale AFB (LA) Historic Housing. May 2011
Barksdale AFB, Shreveport, LA
Barksdale AFB Housing (LA)
Barksdale Historic Housing ((Shreveport, LA)
Military family housing at Ft. Jackson, SC. Army brat Erik Woessner lived in this unit in 1993-1995. In 2008 he went to Basic Training in Ft. Jackson and went back to see his childhood home. Not much had changed about it. Photo: SPC Erik Woessner
COL or General Officer Housing on Ft Riley (KS) This house is in the historic district of post and has been lived in continuously since it was built in the 1800s. ( photo 2009)
COL or General Officer Housing on Ft Riley (KS) This house is in the historic district of post and has been lived in continuously since it was built in the 1800s. (Photo 2009)
Ft Lee, VA military housing. The Villages at Fort Lee is comprised of new and traditional housing in 7 distinct villages. It is managed by Pinnacle, a private company. Housing circa 2010. Photo: Eric Whitsell.
Unknonwn family housing residence, possibly in the Maxwell Place Subdivision, Kirtland AFB, NM, date unknown. Maxwell Place has been privatized and is available for rent to the general public.Photo: Kirtland Air Force Base Historian.
Unknown family housing residence, Kirtland AFB, date unknown. In the 2002, these houses were still occupied by military families. By 2009, most of the houses had been torn down and only a few were left standing; they were privatized and for rent to the general public. Photo: Kirtland AFB Historian
Army wife, Circe Woessner stands in front of of the garage door at her on-base home in Kirtland Air Force Base. circa 2002
Bill and Circe Woessner in front of their Kirtland AFB house. "This was the second nicest housing we've ever had. The house is vintage 40's or 50's--this place was absolutely fabulous when it was built--now, it's awesome & worn out in a quirky, cool way." Unfortunately the Air Force tore it down.
Iain Woessner walks his dog in the Kirtland Air Force base housing. "I remember "moth season" and 'cockroach season" he says. "The roaches came out of the street gutters at night--it was gross. Moths came around May and June." Photo circa 2004
Air Force wife Beverly Ladmirault in front of her Kirtland AFB (NM) house. Parked under the carport is her beloved stock car. According to son Jeffery, Beverly was the first African American stock car driver in New Mexico. She raced with the men. Photo: November 1971, Courtesy Jeffry Ladmirault, AF
Hickam AFB base housing, HI. Photo: 2011
Historic housing on Ft Bliss (El Paso) TX, circa 2012. Photo: Circe Olson Woessner
Historic brick housing on Ft Bliss (TX) circa 2012. Photo: Circe Olson Woessner
Barksdale AFB HQ building (Shreveport, LA) Photo 2011
Chapel One, Barksdale AFB, LA
Fitness Center, Barksdale AFB
Comanche House, billets, Ft. Sill, OK. Photo 2011
Geronimo Elementary School, Ft. Sill, OK. Photo 2011
Ft. Sill static guns...Photo 2011
Ft. Sill (OK)Howitzers--part of living on a military installation. Photo 2011
Ft. Sill (OK) crossing sign. This is a serious sign. Howitzers DO cross the street and drivers need to be aware. Ft. Sill (OK).
Ft Sill (OK) HQ building. Photo 2011
FT. Sill, OK. 2011
Ft. Sill Cemetery. (OK) Photo 2011
Water Tower at Ft. Sill OK. Landmark. Photo 2011
Ft. Sill Pet Cemetery. Photo: 2011
Water tower on Eglin AFB (FL). Photo: 2011
Elementary school on Eglin AFB (FL) Photo: 2011
Eglin AFB "All Wars Memorial". Photo: 2011
Sign at the Eglin "All Wars Memorial". Photo: 2011
Eglin AFB "All War Memorial" Photo: 2011
Chapel on Eglin AFB (FL) Photo: 2011
Eglin AFB Commissary (supermarket) Photo: 2011
Anchor Inn sign on Eglin AFB. Unaccompanied soldiers/sailors/airmen billet at the Anchor Inn while attended the Naval Explosive Ordnance (EOD) school. Photo: 2011
Anchor Inn. Eglin AFB. Photo: 2011
Naval EOD School, Eglin AFB, FL. Photo: 2011
Hangar on Eglin AFB. Photo: 2011
FT. Benning, Columbus, GA
A row of tanks visible from US 280, Ft. Benning, GA. Columbus, GA.
Welcome to Ft. Jackson! Ft Jackson is a huge basic training post. (2009) Photo courtesy of SPC Erik Woessner
Twin Lakes, Ft. Jackson. One of several lakes on Ft. Jackson (Weston Lake being the biggest), Ft. Jackson families enjoyed picnicking and fishing here. (2009)
EOD detachment Ft. Jackson, SC. (2009)
US Cavalry museum. Ft Riley, KS
One of the many Infantry battalions on Ft. Riley. (2010)
Ft. Riley Kansas, 2010.
Crosswalk sign on Ft. Riley, KS (2010)
Cemetery on Ft. Riley, KS. (2009) The first recorded burial was in 1854
Cemetery on Ft. Riley, KS (2009)
Ft. Riley, KS. (2009)
Troops crossing. Ft Lee, VA. (2011) Photo: Kathy Whitsell.
The  Air Force Academy complex in Colorado Springs, CO. The Air Force Academy is more than an institute of higher learning, it is also a base &home to 4400 cadets, 300 Air Force & Civilian support personnel  & 700 faculty members.The 10th Air Base Wing with 3000+ personnel is also on base. (2011)
US Air Force Academy dorm buildings, USAFA is in Colorado Springs, CO. Photo: 2011
Falcon stadium at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. (2011)
Static display in the Air Force Academy parade grounds. (2011)
The Survivor's Outreach Center, Ft/ Bliss, TX. A sobering reminder of the danger America's Troops face due to their profession. Photo: Circe Olson Woessner 2012
A row of cannon at the Vicksburg National Military Park, Vicksburg, MS. Vicksburg is a Civil War Site.
Vicksburg National Military Park, Vicksburg, MS. Barricades atop the hill. Photo: 2011
Vicksburg is set atop a high bluff overlooking the Mississippi and the Yazoo rivers. It was heavily fortified by riverfront artillery batteries and natural barriers, such as bayous and swamps. President Abraham called capturing Vicksburg to be "key".
Sign at the Vicksburg National Military Park, Vicksburg, MS. Photo 2011
Union Ironclad gunboat the USS Cairo was the the first vessel ever sunk by an electrically detonated torpedo (mine) in 1862. Vickburg National Military Park. Photo: 2011
Historic Marker in Vicksburg, MS. Photo: 2011
Willis-Cowan house used as Lt. General John C. Pemberton's Headquarters during the Siege of Vicksburg during the Civil War. Photo: 2011
Sign to Beauvoir, home of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy.
Biloxi, MS. Photo: 2011
Beauvoir House porch. The house overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. Biloxi, MS. Photo: 2011
Beauvoir. The main house and out building. Until Hurricane Katrina in 2005, there were more structures on the grounds--many of which had been used to house Confederate War veterans, their wives and widows, as well as orphans. During Katrina, many of them were destroyed. Photo: 2011
Photograph of Beauvoir right after Hurricane Katrina struck Biloxi. The damage to the property was extensive.Although the house sits far back from the Gulf, the storm surge deposited a foot of water into the house, nearly destroying it. The museum site was closed for 3 years for repairs. Photo 2011
Battleship Memorial Park, Pensacola, FL. Photo: 2011
St. Augustine, FL. 8 inch Columbiad cannon used as part of the armament of historic Fort Marion (Castillo de San Marcos) before, during and after the Civil War.
Guard's bunks at the Castillo San Marcos National Historic site. St. Augustine, FL
Castillo de San Marcos, now a National Park Service monument, was started in 1672 and completed in 1756. Originally built by the Spanish to protect their part of America, the fortress has served under six different flags and has housed troops through the Spanish-American War. The British held the Fort during the Revolutionary War; Indian prisoners were confined there during the Seminole War of 1835-42; Confederate troops occupied it during the Civil War, and it was last used as a military prison during the Spanish-American War.
Battlements at Castillo de San Marcos. St. Augustine, FL
Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine, FL
National Infantry Museum, Ft Benning, Columbus, GA.
National Infantry Museum, Interior, Ft Benning, Columbus, GA.
Family gallery, Infantry Museum, Ft. Benning, Columbus, GA. Photo: 2011
National Infantry Museum, Ft Benning, Columbus, GA.
Tupelo National Battlefield, Tupelo, MS. Photo 2011
Tupelo  National Battlefield, Tupelo, MS. Photo 2011
Tupelo National Battlefield, Tupelo, MS Photo 2011
National Infantry Museum, 1775 Legacy Way, Columbus, GA (706)685-5800. Photo:2011
Placard on a house in Concord, MA circa 2006.
Sign in Ft. Sumner, NM (2010).
Cannons stand silent, enveloped in fog, in the Shiloh National Battlefield in Tennessee. Over 23,000  soldiers died here during the Civil War.
The Cadet Chapel's principal designer and architect was 34 year old Walter A. Netsch Jr. who studied architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology., He graduated from MIT in 1943 and joined the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. (2011)
US Air Force Academy chapel in Colorado Springs, CO. The Cadet Chapel receives more than a half million visitors every year. Groundbreaking began on  Aug. 28, 1959, and was completed in 1963 at a cost of $3.5 million.
Sign commemorating thr Battle of Corydon (IN). Photo: 2010
Sign commemorating Morgen's raid on Salem (IN)  during the Civil War. Photo: 2010
St. Augustine, FL.
Sign at the Concord, MA, Revolutionary War Battle site. (2006)
Statue at the Concord Battlefield Site (2006). Photo courtesy Circe Olson Woessner
Placard at the Alamo Battle site, San Antonio, TX. (2009)
Alamo in San Antonio TX. 188 men defended the Alamo against nearly 1,800 Mexican solders for nearly two weeks in  1836. In the end, all the defenders were killed--there were about 600 casualties in the Mexican army. The Alamo played a critical role in the Texas Revolution.
Bill Woessner at the Alamo. (2009) San Antonio, TX.
175th Anniversary of the Alamo. (March 2011) Photo: Susan Opt, University of Maryland, Munich Campus alumnus
175th Anniversary of the Alamo. (March 2011) An actor portraying on of the battle participants stands nearby.  Photo: Susan Opt, University of Maryland, Munich Campus alumnus
Tavern sign in Concord, MA, circa 2006.
Mighty "Mo" Battleship Monument, Pearl Harbor, HI Photo 2011
Defining The US Army Family:

"The Army family includes current and former Soldiers, families that are now or have been associated with the Army, and Department of Army personnel who provide support to Soldier and their families.

The Army Family includes Soldiers on active duty, the Army National Guard, the Army Reserve, and their immediate and extensive families. Retirees, Veterans, and the survivors of Fallen Soldiers are also Family members. The Family is supported in many ways by those who are asked to attend to the needs of families of deployed Soldiers, and those who provide education, medical, and other special needs."

Placard in the National Infantry Museum’s 
Family Gallery, Columbus, GA

“We still get a thrill from starting at a school that was on top of a movie theater and a commissary, and from being in a community of young, beautiful people. Munich and beer in the summer…cobblestones beneath our feet as we made our modern way through an old, old city.”
                                                                    Pat Hamilton & Debra Cole, UMMC Alums 

“During the war was in the following battles: Arkansas past—was in the fleet when it went to Vicksburg from start to finish and then went to Jackson, MS. Also in the battle of Hains’ Bluffs. After returning to Vicksburg-to Jackson, MS, was taken sick and sent to Overton Hospital at Memphis, TN. After three days, by order of the physician, was sent to Lawson Hospital in St. Louis, MO. This was in October 1863.

In March by reason of disability (March 1864) was transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps. When General Lee made his raid on Washington, the governor sent them to help defend the capital. [Was] there three months.

Was again sent to arsenal in Rock Island, IL. On the way, there was a railroad collision in which I was badly bruised. On the way from Vicksburg to Jackson, passing by Jeff Davis plantation, I killed and roasted a pig in Jeff Davis yard.”

 From the notes of Jesse Stewart, 1839-1917,                                                30th Regiment of Iowa Infantry G Company

"We're moving a three bedroom place on post. I whined and begged and the powers that be granted us a three bedroom with central air and glass windows! Our last place had one window air conditioner and plastic wrap on the windows."
   Army Wife in Fort Buchanan, PR 1996
1959-60 Students on a bus for a ski trip. Photo: Kent Price
Spring 1960 - In front of the Women's Dorm - the Kaserne main gate is just out of the picture on the right.  Mary Kay Fitch, Bruce "Buzz" Meiser, Bob Hill. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
    Spring 1959 - A bunch of us heading out for a picnic along the Isar River.  The main gate of the Kaserne is right behind us with the Women's Dorm on the other side of the gate.  Note the tiny "Gogomobil" as well as the VW pickup truck on the street.  A year later, on March 2, 1960, Dr. Joseph Poland, a very popular member of the faculty was struck and killed by a car at this location.
1959-60 - Men's dorm council.  Front: Mike Leonard, Guy DeCarlo, Heinz Gaylord, George Park, Bob Hill.  Standing: Mr. Kling, ??, Jud Heriot, Kent Price, Bernd Frazer. Buzz Meiser, ???, Paul Oliver, ???, Mr. Crosby Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
1959-60 - The "Slope Lopers" ski club.  "Club of the year" and one of the most active clubs on campus.  This picture shows only part of the group.  About a quarter of the student body were members of the club. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Fall 1959 - Student council.  Andrea Smith, Kent Price, ???, Buzz Meiser, Vern Smith, Bob Hill, Barbara Goodman, Brett Pechuls Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Dec 1958 - Mr. Crosby directing the U of Md Chorus in a performance of the Messiah at the Amerikahaus. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Spring 1960 - Signing yearbooks before leaving for home.  On the main street of the Kaserne near the women's dorm.  Note the cobblestones and the EES (European Exchange System) shops in the background Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Winter 1959 - Front side of the SACOM headquarters building facing the main street of the Kaserne. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Men's dorms (4 buildings - note roof lines) and a corner of the Hq building as seen from Soyerhofstrasse.  The dorms formed part of the Kaserne wall.  The doors were sealed off from this side so the dorms could only be accessed from inside the Kaserne. Photo Kent Price circa 1959
1958-59 - The Southwest corner of the HQ bldg on the right.  The open doors in front of the truck were the entrance to the Snack Bar. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
    The west side of the Hq Bldg.  U of Md classes were held on the 4th floor - mainly on this side of the building.  The student lounge opened onto the balcony of the left side of the picture.  Note that the wall of the Kaserne was made of the same stone as the building.Photo: Kent Price, AF Brat.
1958-59 - The main street of McGraw Kaserne looking south.  The SACOM (Southern Area Command) Headquarters building is on the far right.  The main gate is in the distance.  Note the cobblestones.  Today this street is a sunken autobahn.Photo: Kent Price
Looking southwest on the Soyerhofstrasse from the west side of the Hq. building where classes were held.  Classes were later moved to the large building in this  shot. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Building a pyramid in front of the men's dorms on the "quad."  The picture is taken from the top floor of one of the men's dorms.  The buildings in the background are similar but were not part of the dorms.  Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Bouvier Hall, University of Maryland, Munich Campus circa 1979. The autobahn ran alongside the campus. Because it was a long way around to the gates at McGraw Kaserne, some brave (or foolish) students used to climb across the autobahn overpass to get to their dorms after a night out on the town.
Main street as it appeared in May 2006.  Pea-green building in background was the women's dorm.  Note four shops in the building on the left.  Compare with picture "signing year books". Photo: Kent Price
May 2006 - Taken from in front of the old women's dorm toward the Headquarters building.Photo: Kent Price
May 2006 - This is the building into which the classes were moved in the early 60's.  Note that you can still see the outline of the "University of Maryland" lettering between the third and fourth floor windows. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
October 1958 - It became "cool" to take mugs from the Oktoberfest.  When it was discovered that the waitresses had to pay for missing mugs, an appeal went out to return them.  An army truck was sent to collect them.  This is part of the initial load. Photo: Kent Price, Air Force Brat
Kent Price copied this aerial picture of McGraw Kaserne from  at 3:34 into the clip.  The video is a series of pictures about Munich American elementary and high schools. He annotated landmarks.
Munich Observer, school newspaper of the University of Maryland, Munich Campus. Photo: Susan Opt, UMMC alumnus.
Typical weekend morning at the University of Maryland Munich Campus. This is the living room of one of the dorms--the dorms were much like the American military housing units throughout Germany. Photo: circa 1978
The "Boot Room" was what the U of M college kids called a local Gasthaus, not far from Campus. The beer was served in glass boots, hence the name. L t R: Omar, Kelvin Delaney,Charles Aftosmis, Karl Olson,Jim&James. Photo: C Aftosmis
Sembach American HS alum, Buck Kerr and Charles Aftomis pose with the German Polizei at the Munich Oktoberfest, circa 1980. Photo: Charles Aftomis
Keith Patton with Mike Desanto, Beverly Norman, Kelly ??? band Mike Moreland in Munich, Germany circa 1975. (Photo: Keith Patton)
Col Roland Page, 1550 CTW commander, joined by his wife, salutes troops during change of command parade, Kirtland AFB, date unknown.Photo courtesy Kirtland Air Force Base Historian
Members of Team Kirtland perform at the Army-Air Force Ball honoring the Army's birthday on June 14, 2006.
Members of the 21st EOD join their Air Force hosts at the "grog bowl" . The grog can contain any number of ingredients-in one case a can of motor oil! Whatever the ingredients, the grog is powerful stuff! Photo June 14, 2006. Circe Woessner
A lone brave wife tries the grog at the Army Ball hosted by Kirtland AFB, (June 14, 2006) Photo courtesy Circe Woessner, Army wife.
SSG Sprouse and his wife (right) and another couple socialize at the pre-dinner mixer prior to the start of the evening's festivities. The Air Force at Kirtland Air Force Base hosted several formal balls celebrating the Army's birthday on June 14. Photo: 2004
SSG Mike Carrecker and his wife at the Kirtland Air Force Base Army Ball, circa 2004.
Soldiers at Ft Riley, KS cut the cake at the 2011 Winter Ball. Photo: Ft Riley Public Affairs Office
Soldiers and Spouses go through the Receiving Line at the Ft. Riley 2011 Winter Ball. Photo: Ft Riley PAO
Standing at attention for the posting of the colors. Winter Ball 2011. Photo: Ft Riley PAO
Ft Riley Winter Ball, 2011. Photo: Ft Riley PAO
Ft Riley Winter Ball, 2011. Photos: Ft Riley PAO

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My dad served in Viet Nam from 66-67. When he left my mom was 6 months pregnant. When my brother was born the Red Cross informed Dad that he was the father of another baby girl; Mom sent photographic proof that Dad had a male heir. Scott was 9 months old the first time Dad saw him.

                 Robin Scheafnocker, Army brat

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