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"This website is a good idea! I enjoyed my time as an Army wife living overseas in the 1980's. Keep up the good work!"
                   --military momma

"To the Museum of the American Military Family:
May you prosper beyond your dreams and may you inspire the past, present, and future..."
                                     --the Crouch family
Augsburg Elementary School 76-81;  Mark Twain Elementary School, Heidelberg Germany 81-06 - It was like a 30 year vacation! I constantly treasure that special bond that developed between so many of us - you just can't really explain it to anyone who hasn't experienced it - how we came to rely and depend on each other, the way we had fun together and celebrated life and each other and how we came to care about each other. Technology sure makes it easy to keep that bond alive and stay connected.--Mary Ellen Cravotta 
I grew up as a Military "Brat" and, in general, loved the experience. I have lived in almost all areas of the United States and have spent several years overseas. Dad was a career Air Force officer who joined the Army Air Corps just before the outbreak of World War II and just before I was born. 

Although it was often hard to uproot, leave friends and familiar surroundings and move on to new places every few months or years, I feel that the variety and depth of experiences more than compensated for the disruption. I have frequently looked back with the observation that there is no place we lived that I would want to give up in order to have extended a previous stay.

                                                                             Kent Price, Air Force Brat

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My fondest memories are those where I was a "brat." Loved the military life so much I joined the Army right out of high school, and spent 7 years as a military musician. My entire life has been centered around the military and even though my husband is retired now, we still live in a military community. Love the military life!”